I started my professional career at the Theatre Royal Windsor, after completing the Association British Theatre Technicians  Electrics course. I worked extensively in the West End Theatres of London, starting as a Follow spot Operator moving up to a House Electrician. Whilst working as an Electrician on the original production of ‘Miss Saigon' at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane , I trained in the then emerging, Vari*Lite ™ System - now widely regarded as the pioneer of all modern moving light systems. With a talent for ’Moving Lights’ and, following a beckoning freelance career, I worked as either Vari*Lite Programmer, Moving Light Programmer, or Associate Lighting Designer, on a wealth of different productions. During my 25 years of working globally, I have created my own designs and collaborated as an Associate Lighting Designer and Lighting Programmer for some of the worlds top Lighting Designers.